Audit and Roadmap

Where are you in your own life in terms of sustainability? Do you consider the impact you are having on the planet in the decisions you make? The answers to those questions are the lens through which you look at the sustainability of your own business. Now think about your customers, what is their focus? If your customers care more about environment, social and governance factors than you demonstrate in your business there may be issues you can address.

Does your vision and mission statement incorporate sustainability? An Etoile Advisory audit asks the questions about how your board and your people view sustainability to assess whether there is consensus or diverging views about what is material for the business. The culture of the organisation is reviewed to determine whether environment, social and governance factors are considered in how things get done. Issues that need to be managed are identified along with opportunities to be explored. The roadmap report summarises the findings along with action items to address the gaps. The final piece is your message to the market and how you are going to report on your progress.