Equity and debt capital raisings

The investment case needs to be clear. Management who are you? What is your track record? You can mention your training but investors are more interested in your accomplishments. Key products and services should be explained in simple terms – no jargon – explain what your product does. Your total addressable market – talk about what you have achieved and how big the opportunity is. What is your position in the market and what is your sustainable business advantage. Identify the financial and non-financial KPI’s that you will report on so investors can track your progress.

Why are you raising money? What impact will it have? This is a very exciting time in the company’s development. This process is going to allow you as a management team to realise a dream or ambition for the business. Always remember it is the investors capital or their shareholders money you are asking for, they will also want to know if management’s interests and values are aligned with their own. Will you be good stewards of their capital?

Know who you are meeting, what their investment style is and why they are meeting you. Present your case, do not over-hype and let the investor give you feedback. Having participated in many IPO’s and follow-on offerings we at Etoile Advisory know that a fund raising is only the beginning of a long term relationship between management and shareholders, we are here to guide you through the process of building partnerships for sustainability.