Ian Huggard, CFA – Founder & CEO

30 years in capital markets

  • integrating financial & ESG analysis
  • crafting strategy & communications
  • introducing corporates & investors
  • fund raisings & relationship management

Speaking to company management teams and investors I appreciate there is tremendous interest in sustainability. This is not a change in how we run businesses, invest or communicate but a transition to look at risks and opportunities through an ESG lens which complements what we are already doing. There is no need to compromise in terms of value creation, in fact sustainability is all about value creation for the long-term.

Reflecting on 30 years in capital markets I realised I spent a third of my time in business development talking to management teams and investors; a third of my time on strategy, projects and team alignment; and a third researching issues, writing investment ideas and proposals. In starting Etoile Advisory I wanted to take that experience to help companies integrate sustainability in their strategy, processes and communications to create shareholder value and contribute toward the achievement of the UN SDGs.